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"The important things in life cannot be demanded or forced. Not trust, not respect, not love, not even obedience."

Heinz Etter

Many parents and teachers face a dilemma in the education of the children in their care. The choice between assertive leadership that is often full of pressure, and benevolence so naive that it sometimes leads to unfortunate compromises. In both cases, they lose a positive influence on their children.

Trust pedagogy reveals a simple way out of this dilemma and helps parents and teachers understand how to reach children by maintaining a caring and accepting relationship while providing security with clear boundaries.

Drawing on a long and rich experience, the speaker will allow us to understand how to build sound educational practices based on a biblical vision of love and justice embodied in our Heavenly Father.


Our guest speaker


Heinz Etter, a primary and secondary school teacher and curative teacher (HfH) since 2004, from Peterzell, Toggenburg, is the father of four adult children and grandfather of thirteen grandchildren.

From 1998 to 2004, he and his wife Hanni, a riding instructor, ran a specialized institution for children with behavioural disorders. During this time, they have formulated the characteristics of the pedagogy of trust and have been developing them ever since.

Since 2009, he has been full-time director of the "Trusted Pedagogy Resource Centre", advising parents, teachers and managers on the implementation of the join-up concept and supervising a growing number of trainers in this field.

He has written several books on this subject, including "Education Through Trust". (Editions V)


Date & place

Friday the 31st of January
7:30PM - 10PM
Saturday 1st of February
9AM - 5PM

At l'Église évangélique de Meyrin 
Chemin du Bournoud 3,
1217 Meyrin


Per person: CHF 80.–
Per couples: CHF 140.–

Price includes Saturday lunch
and breaks.


The training will be given in English, translated into French.