Mission Adventures

The mere thought of taking your youth on a missionary trip can seem overwhelming. There is a mountain of details that seem insurmountable. Don't be overwhelmed and discouraged, let us help you!

Mission Adventures was created to help you with your problems. Our goal is to work with you so that your youth can grow.



We provide everything you need. We take care of all the details of your trip: great speakers, transport, visas if needed, worship group, translators, food, transport, accommodation, flyers, Bibles, transportable sound equipment, training, coordination of the practical phases... We offer an all-inclusive service, and guess what? You're the one having the fun! You and your youth share testimonies, do the manual work and spend time in mercy ministries. We prepare, you spend time with your people and they are the missionaries.


There is nothing like a short term mission time with Mission Adventures for young people to grow in their faith. As they listen to the Word of God and put it into practice, young people are challenged to go beyond their limits.



Mission Adventures is a short-term missionary experience for youth groups. You and your team can make a difference in the world by going on outreach. You will have the chance to see God transforming lives around you, but be prepared for God to transform yours as well.


YWAM staffs form the groups so that they can present the Good News in an effective way. It is more than a camp: it is a missionary training!



Every year between July and August