Life around the table

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How many memories do we build around food? 

Take a minute and think about this. What is the best food memory you have from your childhood?

As far back as I can remember, I can still taste some of the fine cuisine my mom was serving me as I was growing up. Spinach with roasted potatoes and sunny side up eggs was my favorite. The spinach was mixed with cream, the eggs were runny and the potatoes were roasted. Finally, the ingredients were spiced with Aromat, a yellow Swiss powder blending that  flavors in the plate together. So many textures and flavors in each spoonful.

I am not sure why this dish is the one I still remember. But I believe that food can be linked with a specific moment, people and memories.

Jesus exemplified this concept as he used bread in his last meal with the disciples. Don’t you think that they would remember him every time they ate bread from that moment on? I can imagine them waiting for him in Jerusalem after his death, thinking about him with each bite of bread. Since this last meal with their master, the significance of eating bread for them had changed forever. Would they ever eat bread again without thinking of this moment?

Without surprise, we discover the same disciples, not long after, building up the church with the breaking of bread as a centerpiece of community living.

Is there something we should learn here? If our senses are linked with our memories, would it be possible that we can create memories around Christ as we eat together and break bread?

So here is my takeaway. I will start with my family, then as soon as I can will invite people to join us. I will give all I have to cook the best food possible and love on people that are with me around the table.

What about you? Will you spend quality time eating with your family and invite others at your table? Will you create memories together? Will you break bread with someone and love that person as Jesus loves you?

We cannot take our relationships for granted, let’s be intentional!

Jean-Philippe Godin, YWAM Geneva

Photo by Stefan Vladimirov on Unsplash