Discipleship Training School

What is a DTS?

The Discipleship Training School is six months set aside for you to grow in your understanding of God and his plan for your life. This time is divided into two phases of three months each: one of theory and one of practice. This training allows you to construct a solid foundation in the Lord that you can build on for the rest of your life.

Life around the table

As we read the New Testament, we see different stories of Jesus around the table. He did more than just sharing a meal, he taught, he prayed and shared life. 

The heart behind this DTS is to learn more about hospitality and how a big part of life really does happen around the table. When we come together for a meal it is more than just eating, it is sharing and getting to know each other. It is a gift to eat together and a gift to present God through beauty and relationship, through hospitality and love and through the breaking of the bread.

God makes beauty from our brokenness. His table is a place of healing, rest and a place to be revived with the community He has given us. 

In this richness of life we can invite others to share in the wonderful banquet that God is offering us. This DTS is set up to inspire and cultivate growth in your relationship with God and treasure your place at His table.

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” Psalm 23:5a

The unique part of this DTS is that you will have the opportunity to have creative workshops specifically in hospitality and beauty, food, cooking, taste and health. You will also learn practically how to create and serve a meal, prepare a table, welcome people and finally eat and build relationship with them.

Come and join us around the table!!


To Know God

Each week during the first three months will be taught by a different, exceptional speaker who shares wisdom from their first hand experience in the field.
The DTS is also a time for you to grow and share in diversity and understanding while you live with young people from all over the world. So many friendships form during this time -- many that will last for the rest of your life!


Topics include the following

  • The nature and character of God
  • The father heart of God
  • Recognising God's voice
  • The Bible
  • Sin, cross and repentance
  • ...

  • The nature and character of God
  • The father heart of God
  • Recognising God's voice
  • The Bible
  • Sin, cross and repentance
  • ...

Live learn community


Worship and Intercession

We desire to be a community of worshippers and intercessors; this is because worship and intercession are an integral part to our formation and growth. You will experience several times of praise and worship throughout the week.


Work Duties

Each student will be responsible for practical work throughout the week. This is a time to participate in the practical part of living in community. We also believe that service is an important part of forming disciples.



Each student will have a one-on-one during their training. This staff member of the school will take time each week with you to pray, process, and help you integrate what you are learning in class.


Local Ministry

We want each student to be able to put into practice what they are learning each week and organize opportunities to invest in local ministry. We do evangelism, work with refugees, serving meals to the poor, and partner with local churches.


And make Him known

After the theoretical phase, we depart for outreach to share what we have learned and continue to grow through our field experiences. You will discover other cultures, learn to work in a team, and to rely on God in all circumstances.

We believe that the Bible teaches us to live as Christians, but also gives us keys for a prosperous society where justice and peace reign for all. God is interested in families, art, business, science, and all other spheres of our lives. We discover all that there is in the Word and desire to be the hands, feet, and mouth of God for the transformation that he wants to bring to the world.




A word from the director team


Salomé, Sarvia and Julien

“We are really excited to run a DTS as YWAM Geneva-Burtigny. We believe that we are embarking in a journey in which God wants to teach us and challenge us in different ways.

We did our DTS in different times and places and it was such a life changing adventure. We are convinced that if you come to be part of this six month program, you are in for a great experience as well.

During a DTS, everything is put into place for you to experience an environment in which you can grow. You will be challenged in your heart and mind. Our prayer for you is that you could meet God in a new way, hear his voice and discover who he is as well as who you are in him. Come and be part of this Geneva-Burtigny DTS, don’t miss this opportunity!"



Arrival day:
26th of September 2020

Departure day:
26th of February 2021


Lecture phase:
(Covers tuition, housing, and meals))

Outreach phase:
CHF 3000  - CHF 3800 
(Covers airfare, housing, food and travel in country)


Course: French/English