École de formation de disciples de Genève

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"We want to empower young people to develop into wise and visionary people of influence by providing leadership development through the Basic Leadership Practicum.  The BLP is an up-to-two-year training program over the course of which participants join staff of a DTS or a second level school.

BLP students receive teaching on leadership while benefiting from the hands-on context of staffing a school as well as community responsibilities to put into practice what they are learning. This program helps participants grow in servant-heartedness, in leadership calling and in exercising leadership values and skills, with the goal of becoming a leader after God’s heart."



Teaching topics include: Servant leadership, leading by example, authority, conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, etc. Beyond the responsibilities exercised while staffing the school, BLP students will:

  • Benefit from a coaching relationship with the BLP leader
  • Meet the speaker of the week for a time of teaching and discussion on an aspect of leadership
  • Study various leadership books and take part in regular leadership-focused Bible study
  • Learn what it means to staff in our community through teaching and hands on experience
  • Learn about pioneering as they work with us in a pioneering context

Who is it for ?

The Basic Leadership Practicum (BLP) is for anyone who has finished their Discipleship Training School (DTS) and has a desire to further their training in leadership, to grow in their relationship with God and to serve others.



Each quarter of the year it is possible to join a BLP, this two year program is on-going and you will join with other leaders in training.


The price will depend on a number of factor, please contact us if you would like to know more about that.


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